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What follows is information about and links concerning resources and information which the Barony and/or this website offer about the SCA, the Middle Ages, re-enactment and more.

Resources for Baronial Officers

What follows are the various documents pertaining to the Barony, its officers' and its management.

Governing Policy

Rough Draft of the New Revised Customary: This is the rough draft of the proposed customary revisions, dated June 2017. This will eventually supercede the customary dated May 2011, linked below.

The Dragon's Laire Customary: this document outlines the ways in which Dragon's Laire is run. (updated May 2011)

Dragon's Laire Financial Policy: explains how the Exchequerate should operate. (adopted May 2005)

Social Media Policy for An Tir and the SCA: here, on the sca website.

Forms for Printing and Submitting

Event Proposal Form - use this form to submit your proposal for an event in Dragon's Laire. (added April 2011)

Reimbursement or Advance Form (pdf). Submit this form to the Exchequer to obtain a reimbursement or advance. You will find other useful Exchequer forms at the An Tir Exchequer website.

Flames Subscription Form - Use this form to submit a subscription to the Flames. This form is out of date! New Form coming soon! See the THL Sayako Enoki, our Chronicler, for more information.

Change of Office Form (pdf). Fill out this form (the Seneschal can help you) if you are taking over as an officer of the Barony. The link takes you to the An Tir Kingdom website.

Information for Current and Potential Officers

Basic Duties of Baronial Officers. This write-up will help current and future officers understand their positions and how they interface with the other officers of the Barony.

The Baronial Library

The Barony has a nice library, faithfully kept by the wonderful Baronial Librarian, THL Ela Pennayth, of many, many books. Contact the Librarian to see some of the books we have!

The Baronial Herald

badge of the HeraldThe Herald

The herald is the officer responsible for everything from simple field heraldry such as announcing the next bout in the tourney, to designing unique arms for a new branch, and heralding Baronial courts. Their duties include; assisting members of the populace research, design and register names and devices, keeping records of awards, training new heralds, and supervising voice heraldry for events.

Heraldry serves many purposes in the SCA. The visual display of heraldry, on banners, clothing and other objects creates pageantry. Maintaining the order of precedence reinforces the Medieval social structure, and heraldic research aids in persona development by providing appropriate names and personal devices.

Golden Dragon Pursuivant

The principal Herald in Dragons Laire is the Golden Dragon Pursuivant. Currently in Dragon's Laire, heraldic duties are divided between the Golden Dragon Pursuivant and our "Book" Herald. The Golden Dragon acts as the primary herald, visible at court functions, organizing voice heralds and handing official office records. Our "book" herald, focuses on the documentation and registration of names and devices.

Resources for Heraldry

Name Resources

Countess Elisabeth de Rossignol, a very important mucky-mucky, shall we say, a LION, of the herald community, has offered the following list of her favorite name resources.

The Medieval Names Archive Compact Index
Some Heraldic and Onomastic Books Found for Free Online
Lexicon of Greek Personal Names
Old English Occupational Place Names

To Submit Your Arms for Registration

First: Design your arms. Check here for some help: Then Fill out the form, yes, there is a form: Help for filling it out can be found here: Note that devices require ONE black and white line drawing and ONE colored copy. Names require ONE submission form and only ONE set of whatever additional documentation you send.

To submit your forms please go to the An Tir Heralds webpage and find the mailing address there. This address changes every few years. Check the Heralds webpage for the most up to date address!

Submission form for Badges

Here's a link to the submission form for Badges. If you want to register a badge, you'll need to submit this form.

The Armigers of Dragon's Laire

We used to have a listing of all the registered devices of the Members of Dragon's Laire. However, the Antir College of Heralds has taken over this monumental task (of upkeep and design) and has a brilliant website featuring the devices, not only of the armigers of Dragon's Laire, but of those of the whole kingdom.

Here's a direct link to the Dragon's Laire section of the Roll of Arms..

Devices and Badges

THe following designs can be used to create items for personal (in the case of the populace badges) or official Baronial (in the case of the Baronial device) use. Note that if you right click on the image and 'view image' you will see generally see a bigger version of the image.

Populace Badges for An Tir

The Dragon's Laire Populace Badge

The following were designed by Murakami Tsuruko Sensei (Deb Strub) Copyright © 1994

Colorized by Máenach na Cailled

The Dragon's Laire Device

The following was designed by Murakami Tsuruko Sensei (Deb Strub) Copyright © 1994

Colorized by Máenach na Cailled

Baronial Email Lists

Newcomers to the Barony

There is a mailing list just for newcomers at Please join if you are new and want to get into the swing of things!

Main Baronial List

The main Baronial email list is at To subscribe, view the archives, or manage your subscription surf to

DL Warriors, for the fighters of the Barony


Archers List for Dragon's Laire


DL Rapier Fighters List

And the DL Siege list, for throwing things far!

Surf to this website and sign up:

Culinary/Spiritmaker's Guild List

Visit to learn more and subscribe.

Scribal Guild List

Visit to learn more and subscribe.

Facebook Resources

For those on Facebook, a new resource has been set up. These pages, called Ask a Laurel, Ask a Pelican and Ask a Knight, are great sources of information. They are open to everyone!