Our Baron and Baroness: THL Conchobar MacEoin, THL Eilidh Keldeleth

Baron Conchobar and Baroness Eilidh and son Roman
(photo © 2014 David Clough)

February Letter from Their Excellencies to the Populace of Dragon's Laire

Greetings unto the mightiest of Baronies! We, Proconsul and Proconsula are most pleased with your grace, artistry and ferocity. As we travel this fair Kingdom of An Tir we are constantly amazed, humbled and filled with pride as we watch the members of Dragon's Laire go about their business with such intensity. You are all inspirations to Us.

We would like to recognize His Lordship Stephen of House Awry on entering the ranks of the Grey Goose Shaft. You have our heartiest of congratulations. Well deserved. Also we would like recognize Lord Emil for being recognized by the Excellencies of Aquaterra with a Silver Dolphin for his sincere enthusiasm in volunteering with youth activities. It is just such recognition and inter-baronial cooperation that make Our Baronies and ultimately the Kingdom stronger and more united.

We look forward to Candlemas, and the choosing of our next Bardic and Arts & Science Champions. We would like to thank Mistress Gwen for her service to us this past year as A&S Champion. You have represented Us and the Barony gloriously, and We thank you for it. We would also like to thank His Lordship Ermmerich for his service as Our Bardic Champion. You made many an evening gathered around the fire a pleasure, and helped reinforce the commaraderie of this Barony.

Dragon's Laire has the honor of hosting Their Royal Majesties and many Baronial Cousins at Candlemas. We look forward to an evening of grace and pageantry. Bring your best finery, table decoration, and banners to add to atmosphere. Lets show them all the might and grace of Dragon's Laire. Also this is an excellent opportunity to write Kingdom award recommendations. http://www.antir.sca.org/recommendations.php

Our Barony also has the honor of hosting Kingdom A&S/Bardic Champion. There is so much to do. Please lend a hand to Master Arontius and his event team. Many hands make light work, and a happy event team is good for everyone. This is our Barony's chance to shine and do great service to An Tir and Their Royal Majesties, be sure to be a part of it.

WAR!!! The Dragon's Laire's Legion and allies had their first meeting on Tuesday 1-31-17 to discuss, goals, strategies, and purpose. Every individual who takes their particular discipline to the field of battle is considered a member of the Legion. Our goal is to create a Baronial fighting force that can act in concert with armored warriors, siege, and archery on the fields of war. We will be a force to reckon with! We will answer the call of our King to defend the lands and honor of An Tir! We will remain in possession of The War Eagle! The first 30 minutes of each Tuesday practice will be dedicated to these ends.

Non-combatents, don't think We have forgotten about you. Dragon's Laire is a bastion of grace and art. We would like to encourage your participation in our war efforts. The making of banners to glorify our Barony so that we march onto the fields of war with purpose and pride gives a tremendous advantage to the fighters you support as well as intimidate the enemy. Volunteering at the list tables, with water-bearing, and gate all count towards war points. Please know that the gift of your time and energy are greatly appreciated.

We plan on attending the following events. Please join us?

  • Wyewood, Feast of Saint Bubba, Feb. 4
  • Dragon's Laire Candlemas Feb 11
  • Dragon's Mist Carneval March 4
  • Kingdom A&S/Bardic Championship March 10-12
  • Wastekeep Desert War March 18
  • Madrone Baronial Banquet April 1
  • Baroness' War IX April 7-9
  • Art of War April 20-23

In Service
Baron Chonchobar
Baroness Eilidh

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So Cool, he's a Meme!
Baron Conchobar at May Crown, 2016
(photo © 2016 Jacob Snow, meme © 2016 Mark Boutet

January Letter from Their Excellencies to the Populace of Dragon's Laire

Greetings unto the populace of the Mighty Barony of Dragon's Laire! As the bitter cold grips the lands of An Tir, it is time to put the final touches on your cleverest, and most skill challenging endeavors for Arts & Science competitions. There are several opportunities for you to shine bright. Our own Arts & Science Champion and Bardic Champion are to be named at Candlemas. Also, the Kingdom Arts & Science competition is looming near. All letters of interest for both we believe are due by 12th Night, less than two weeks away. We would also like to remind the populace that Their Majesties will be attending our Candlemas, and it would do the barony proud to show them just how crafty, skilled, and talented the people of Dragon's Laire are.

We would also like to remind you all that there are several Baronial Officers looking to step down or are in need of deputies. We have officers who have done an outstanding job, and would like to pass on their knowledge and experience. A deputy position is not an automatic lead into taking over the office, so don't be intimidated. Please consider stepping up to help keep the barony running smoothly. We have a large population and there is plenty of work to go around.

A special thank you to Andromacha and Gavin for providing light for the heavy fighters at Tuesday practices. It is so gratifying to see our fighters able to practice their art through the cold winter months. Also a thank you goes out to Ambrose & Jessica for seeking out an alternative space for practice on Friday evenings. All of you have shown imitative and ingenuity, and you are greatly appreciated.

As mentioned above Their Royal Majesties will be attending our Candlemas, we are in need of largess to shower our most noble guests with. It is a fine opportunity to send your treasures of skill and generosity across the kingdom. Please label all items donated with a tag that has your name, the barony and the name or description of the item itself. For example Mistress Aelianora donated lovely lined bags that are just the right size for cell phones, and covers for mugs designed to keep the bugs out of your drinks while camping. Mistress Gwen very generously donates some of her pottery pieces. Linen napkins, a few yards of lovely fabric, buckles or straps suited for armor, feast gear, beads, sewing kits, period recipe cards, flavored olive oil, herbs and spices, and jewelry given as largess. As you can see there is room for all sorts of items, great and small. Just think of the sorts of things you yourself would like to receive and have found a use for.

In Service
Baron Chonchobar
Baroness Eilidh

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 01/05/2017, edited and formatted for the website by the Webminister.

Arms of Baron Conchobar

Regalia and Regalia Display

Their Excellencies announced soon after they received the Coronets that they would like to have items of the Baronial regalia out and on display at every event. These items should be accompanied by their histories, notice on their makers and a bit about their importance to the Barony.

There are many articles of regalia that the champions and sergeants of the Barony wear or possess, and there are also items that are not generally seen, such as the seal and the scroll box. All of this regalia is part of the Barony's rich history and should be feted. Therefore Their Excellencies would like members of the populace who maintain these objects to bring them to events and help write their histories and so on.

If anyone possesses any regalia please let Their Excellencies know about it. The Baronial populace should know who you are and what the item means to you and as a piece of our history. And of course if you are a champion or sergeant or maintain regalia Their Excellencies would ask that you be ready to process into court with your regalia worn proudly.

Their Excellencies would also like any information on these items people may have as to history and makers etc. As well it would be nice if people could contribute information as to history and makers of the Coronets, Copes and Baronial Banner and any additions thereof (the Baronial Goutte de Sang for instance).