The Guilds of Dragon's Laire

Dragon's Laire has several active guilds. Some of these guilds are part of a Kingdom-wide guild, others are local to Dragon's Laire only. Our guilds offer a lot of fun and interesting activities and are a great source of learning. If you have an idea for a guild in Dragon's Laire, by all means, explore it with the Seneschal and interested members of the populace!

Costumers' Guild

The guild is open to anyone interested in garb, sewing skill is not required!

Guild Minister

The Costumers' Guild minister is Lady Jess of the Roving Irishmen. Her time as guild mistress is about done, and she is looking for a replacement. If you are interested, contact her!

Lastest Guild Report

Nothing to Report.

In Service,
THL Jess, Costumer's Guild Mistress

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Contact the Guild Minister for more information.

Culinary and Spiritmakers' Guild(s)

The Culinary Guild and the Spiritmakers Guild share meeting times and locations. The topic of each meeting varies depending upon which guild is taking the lead for the meeting.

Guild Ministers

Culinary: THL Rycheza z Polska

Spiritmakers: THL Matuesz z Plocka

Latest Guild Report

No change in report. Rycheza and I are in transit from Ohio and will not be at the business meeting. Below are highlights from last report.

Mateusz on a so called smartphone

The good news is that we will have a meeting on Jan 18th at 6:30 pm. We will be meeting at the new "Western Cedar Brewery" in Downtown Poulsbo. The beer wont be ready yet however their meeting space should be. We will use this meeting as a planning meeting for the rest of the year.

Mateusz z Polcka, JdL, GdS
Dragons Laire
An Tir

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The Guild meets monthly at various locations on the second Wednesday of the month. Email one of the Guild ministers,THL Rycheza z Polska or THL Matuesz z Plocka for more information.

Links and Email Lists of Interest

The Guild has an email list: Subscribe -

Kingdom of An Tir Culinary List
The Kingdom has a new culinary list which is also quite informative. To subscribe:

THL Rycheza z Polska's Receipt Book
Here's a link to THL Rycheza's excellent webpage on period cooking. If you don't know where to start, start there!

The Guild has a FB page
Go to Facebook at and like the page!

Scribal Guild

Guild Minister

The Scribal Guild Minister is Lady Ela Pennayth.

Lastest Guild Report

Our Baronial Scribal Guild has been quiet the past month. I would like to host a Guild meeting later this January, on a Tuesday, TBA. Please contact me for tutoring in the scribal arts, to borrow loner gear or interests in future classes/workshops for our Guild. Next month, February, hosts our A&S/Bardic Competition at Candlemas Feast. We will continue to assist with our illumination skills for decorations and banners. Please stay tuned for workshop announcements in using line drawings for banner painting, embroidery and applique. I would like to thank our Guild members THL Rhiannon of Eagle's Flight for her beautiful embroidered table runners for our Baron and Baroness, and THL Ciar for her work in creating decorative banners for our feasts. I hope to have more collaborations with our Guild and others of our most skilled populace, to create festive banners for our Mighty Barony!

In Service,
THL Ela Pennayth y Ynis Dewi
DL Scribal Guild Head

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Scribal Guild meetings are generally held once a month. To find out about the next meeting, contact the Scribal Guild Head, Lady Ela Pennayth.

Links of Interest

From Renart le fox de Berwyk:
Printable Practice Paper
Oldest Known Irish Manuscript

Textile Guild

Our focus is on medieval textile production, knowledge and skills including (but not limited to) fiber production and processing, spinning, dyeing, weaving, knitting, felting, knotting, nalbinding, braiding/plaiting, and lace-making. The Guild will meet quarterly and sponsor one class or workshop per year. Both meetings and the workshop will be open to anyone interested in the textile arts.

Guild Minister

The Textile Guild minister is Dame Madrun y Gwehyddes .

Lastest Guild Report


The Guild meets monthly. Contact the Guild Minister for more information.