Yule was Wonderful!

A Letter from the Event Steward

Good morning Dragon's Laire,
Today I looked back at the event and am overwhelmed by all those who dedicated time and service to the barony. So many hands made such light work of a great day.

Eager faces came to Site at 8 am to create the ambiance that surrounded us with banners and dealings that added beautiful color to our day.

Thank you to Our wonderful teachers for sharing their knowledge. And Our musicians for bringing us the sounds of the past.

For a most amazing veggie soup a warm thank you to Renart.

The kitchen was full of hard working people, creating a most wonderful feast. Rycheza led her team to bring to us wonderful flavored and full bellies.

The serving staff were quick to ensure our plates were always full, and our glasses never empty.

Thank you to those who scrubbed dishes and kept the kitchen in order.

Thank you to all who stayed and made the clean-up of Site and putting it back how we found it go swiftly and with ease.

To Dammit, my co-steward, thank you for coffee and sanity and making talking in court so easy with moments to help me pause. You are my saving grace in the face of stage fright.

Isabelle, Rycheza, Ela, Chris, Jess, Ciar, Isemay, Ajax, Alex, Amber, Marcel, Stephen, Dunstan, Arion, Skalla, Madrun, Countess Elisabeth, Pernell, Andras, Loric, Sarpedon, Aelianora, Telamon, Kassandra, Emil, Renart, Matuesz, Richard, Alaricus, Elen, Arontius, Lucy, Cedric, Roman, and so many more whose names escape me, thank you all so very much for all your hard work today.


Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 12/11/2016, edited and formatted for the website by the Webminister.