Last Chance

A Good event, fun was had by all! The event steward on site has sent the following thank-you email.

From HL Andromácha tou Lésvos

This past weekend was amazing and I will try to express my thanks as best I can with words.

Firstly, I want to thank Master Renart for giving me the opportunity to fill in for him for this event. Without this opportunity, I would not have this experience. I want to also thank Master Arontius, Dame Madrun, and Marquessa Laurellen for being my back up and my shoulder. I was really stressed between not having my hands guiding the shaping of Last Chance and the ever changing weather reports. Richard the Handsome and Pernell were fantastic with operations of gate. I could not have done that without them. I would like to thank Ciar for helping develop the schedule of events that would take place this weekend. I especially want to thank Isemay's husband, whose name is escaping me at the moment, for filling in and ordering our last second biffies.

Thank you to Ajax for coming out with Arontius and Madrun to help with staging set up. Thank you to House Awry, Cassandra, Master Arion, Kloe of Thera, and to anyone else aided in setting up the site. These individuals as well as Sarpedon also aided in the tear down of the site on Sunday.

I would like to thank Nolween, Master Alarcus, Master Arion, Emmanric (sp?), Marquessa Laurellen, and Master Renart for coming up with the Chivalry prizes and the Prize tourney prizes this weekend.

To the out going champions, I want to thank you all for developing your tournaments and wrangling or notifying me of any components to your competitions that you required.

I want to also thank Ella for bring out the fire dish for the bardic circle. I am sad that we were unable to utilize it due to the rain, but she was gracious in allowing us to utilize it.

Thank you to their Excellencies, Baron Conchobar and Baroness Eilidh, for their added pagentry to the game that we all enjoy. Thank you to Sensei Tsuruko for you patience as we got you the information for evening court on Saturday


Lastly, I'd like to thank the populace of Dragon's Laire for braving the rain and supporting Last Chance. Without your participation, Last Chance would not have been as enjoyable as it was.

Note that is I missed thanking anyone for something that they aided with in Last Chance, understand that it is not done out of maliciousness. I am still pretty exhausted from the event and trying to catch up on all the mundane taskings that awaited me from Friday.

I look forward to working towards next year's Last Chance with lessons learned from this year.

In Service of the Dream we all share,
Andromácha tou Lésvos
Squire to Sir Geirliekr Veðrson
Citizen of the Myrmidons of An Tir

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List 10/03/2016