June Faire is Headed Our Way!

Come to June Faire and fight in the war or participate in Archery, Thrown Weapons, Heavy Combat, Rapier, and Youth Combat activities. Take a stroll through the Artisan's Village. Enjoy shopping in the Merchant's Village!

June Faire is the Barony's opportunity to share what we do with the community. This year, our goal is to display all of our martial skills including: tourney fighting, war fighting, combat archery, rapier, target archery, and thrown weapons. Our Merchants will be in lovely greensward with a garden area. Arts and Sciences will feature an historical village and an additional area for expanded activities. Dance and music will abound!

Happenings at June Faire!

This is an extremely tentative list of the happenings planned for June Faire 2017. Expect this list to expand and grow, but this will give you a flavor of what we are planning!

Merchant Village

The merchants will be there in all their glory with great things to buy and lots of fun to be had!

Artisans Village

The Artisans Village will be in two areas with distinctly different and interesting foci.

Martialate Activities


  • War scenarios with combat archery
  • Tourney scenarios
  • Archery: A variety of fun novelty shoots
  • Thrown Weapons: Standard range
  • Heavy Eric: Demonstrations of fighting styles.
  • Rapier: Demonstrations of Rapier and Cut and Thrust


  • Thrown Weapons Invitational - We invite the Top Ten throwers from recent years to participate in this fun competition.
  • Target Archery competition - Want a custom set of Arrows made by Baron Evrard? Win this competition!

Pre-Registration and Event Registration Fees

The Registration Fees are as follows:

  • Weekend: Adults, 18 and older: $20 ($5 Member Discount). Ages 17 and Under: Free
  • Day Trip: Adults, 18 and older: $15 ($5 Member Discount). Ages 17 and Under: Free
  • Modern Guests: 18 and older: $10. Ages 17 and Under: Free

Information about Pre-registration will be coming out soon and posted here as soon as it does. Remember, pre-registration will secure your place in the best camping area.


RVs are welcome on site. Here is a pdf document that will give you the information you need to know to bring your RV. Please remember to pre-register and tell them you are bringing an RV. Also, email the RV coordinator, Thomas of Salisbury, with your requirements as listed in the pdf!

The Site

Junefaire will be held at Norseland, in Bremerton, again. The site has been completely reconfigured to enhance ease of access for campers to the public Demo area and war field. All the public Demo activities; including the War, A&S and Merchants; will be on the top, and coolest, level of the site. All camping will be on the comfortable middle level, which has amazing views of the Olympic Mountains. SCA Parking will be on the lowest level.

Site Hours

The site will be open from Noon on Friday June 2nd. It will close at 3 pm on Sunday, June 4th.

The Demo event, when we invite modern visitors to June Faire, is happening on SATURDAY, June 3rd, only.

Tentative Map of June Faire Site

Tentative Basic Layout for June Faire 2017, (map creation © 2016 Amanda Zeitler)


Make your best way to Gorst on Highway 16. In Gorst, take WA 3 West towards the Bremerton National Airport. In approximately five miles, you will reach the Bremerton National Airport. At the Airport, take a right on to Imperial Way, and then an immediate left on to SW Sentinel Peak Way.

Map to Site