Here It Comes! June Faire is on the Way!

Their Excellencies of Dragon's Laire, Conchobar MacEoin and Eilidh Keldeleth, invite one and all to join them for a weekend of fun in the re-created Middle Ages and Renaissance at June Faire XXXIII (2015) in the picturesque township of Port Gamble, Washington. Dragon's Laire is especially filled with anticipation and excitement as we look forward to celebrating our TWENTIETH anniversary as the BARONY of Dragon's Laire in 2015. Come be with us and be part of our merriment!

This is our annual public demonstrations and our premier Baronial event. Please be prepared to show our modern guests all the wonders of the SCA with your dedication and skill.

Anticipated activities

Hand-To-Hand Combat / Martiallate Activities (Fighting): One giant field in the center of the entire show will be dedicated to the fighting arts. Come witness fighters in heavy armor attack each other ferociously to defend the honour of their inspiration. Watch the fighters of the Renaissance fight each other with deadly skill with finer arts of the rapier duel. In another field nearby watch the future generations of those who play in our organization as they learn the fighting arts in Youth Combat.

Range Combat and Competition: In another arena the best archers in the land will compete for the highest scores on the archery ranges. There will even be a field where the archers will allow all comers and members of the Modern Public to try their hand with the bow. Next to the archery ranges will be the Thrown Weapons ranges, where those who specialize in the thrown axes, hatchets and knives will demonstrate their skill. If the fates allow, there will also be a demonstration of a ballista built by members of the Barony of Dragon's Laire. It will be a breath-taking demonstration of truly long-range combat.

The Arts and Sciences of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance will be on full display in the Artisans and Craftsman's Village. Practically any trade or art practiced will be on display. From cooking to wood-working. From black-smithing to weaving. A full range of fiber arts will be shown. A potters wheel will be in full production with their wares for display and for sale. The Village this year will be the largest yet!

Living History: In addition to the demonstrations of the Village, a full set of encampments will be on display so that all guests may wander through them and enjoy how we enjoy a weekend in re-creation in pavilions, with banners flying and

demonstrations on how we personally enjoy a weekend in re-creation of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

The Marketplace: Each year we scour the lands of the Kingdom to find merchants to fill our Marketplace who display the best of the wares that can be found in the SCA.

Music and the Bardic Arts: Listen as musicians wander the site playing music from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance on instruments that were played in that time period. Story-tellers will enchant the crowds as they tell the stories of the ages, and of the modern re-created ages. There may also be demonstrations of dancing from the period in stages specially set-up on site to show-case the dancing styles of the time.

If we are truly fortunate, the King and Queen of the lands of An Tir will be in attendance and will delight all on site with their grace, their chivalry and their presence!

Upcoming Important Dates

Pre-Registration - We will not be using ACCEPS for June Faire this year, it will be a strictly mail-in pre-registration. The forms and process will be available following Twelfth Night, 2015. Please check this space regularly. Pre-registration is not required with the exception of larger encampments (five tents or more) and RV campers. This is to ensure adequate space is saved for those who need the extra space for larger groups of people. **NOTE: Pre-registration does not automatically mean you will be placed with your group, you must contact the camping coordinator as soon as we have that person on board. We encourage all to pre-register as it will reduce the amount of time you have to spend at gate in registration. Pre-registration will be available through Mid-May.

Marketplace - Due to the limited amount of land available for the Marketplace, we have to limit the number of merchants who can set up within the Marketplace. The application for the Marketplace is anticipated to be available online by Twelfth Night, 2015.

ANTICIPATED Site Fees for Participants (i.e. SCA):

Adults (18 and Over) $15.00 ($5.00 NMS applies for non-members); Youth UNDER 18 FREE. Day Trip: Adults (18 and Over) $10.00 ($5.00 NMS applies for non-members); Youth UNDER 18 FREE.

Make checks out to 'SCA, Inc.; Barony of Dragon's Laire'.

ANTICIPATED Site Fees for Modern Guests:

Adults (18 and Over) $5. Youth UNDER 18 FREE.

Make checks out to 'SCA, Inc.; Barony of Dragon's Laire'.

Site Opening and Closing Times

For the SCA Participants: June Faire will open its gate at 10AM on Friday, June 5th, 2015. June Faire will close its gate officially at 3PM on Sunday, June 7th, 2015.

For our Modern Guests: On Saturday, June 6th, June Faire will open its gate at 10AM and close at 5PM. On Sunday, June Faire will open its gate at 10AM and close at 3PM.

Date: June 5th, 6th and 7th, 2015
Port Gamble, WA

June Faire is our demonstration event for the public and it is HUGE! It's our chance to show off everything that makes the SCA worthwhile!

June Faire 2015 Event Team

Board of Directors

The Barony of Dragon's Laire

Documents for Running Events

Documents about running events, especially June Faire, can be found on the Baronial Documents and Forms page.

Pictures from June Faire 2014

THL Marcus sends this link to his pictures of June Faire.