June Faire: 3-5 June, 2016

Wow! What an event! It was hot and dusty and the Barony and it's helpers did an fantastic job! Here's the roundup of reports...

From the Baronial Steward

I wanted to sincerely thank those who traveled to the Baronial Storage Unit this evening to load the U-Haul in preparation for June Faire. With the many hands of assistance, the truck was loaded in less than 45-minutes.

Many Thanks to His Excellency Conchobar, Master Cedric, Dame Madrun, Master Arion, Master Renart, THL Theodoric, THL Steven of House Awry, THL Anya, THL Malcolm Radcliffe, THL Diana Cartier, and some brand new recruits, Alex and Sarah.

It was a group full of positive energy and good humor, which made the work relatively painless. Thank you all very much for those efforts, they were sincerely appreciated.


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Thanks from the Herald!

A huge thank you to THL Andromacha Tou Lѐsvos for her assistance in heralding the Sweet Sixteen portion of the Patriot’s Tourney on Saturday. Her help was very much appreciated.

Thank you to Countess Elisabeth de Rossignol for taking on Lead Herald for Royal Court on Saturday evening.

Thank you to Mistress Althaia filia Lazari for her assistance during Baronial court.

Thank you to Their Excellencies' retinue and staff behind the chairs, THL Aileen of Dragon’s Laire, THL Jess of the Roving Irishmen, Lady Isabelle, THL Skala of House Awry, and Melissa for their assistance during Baronial court over the weekend.

Murakami Tsuruko

Golden Dragon Pursuivant

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From the Baronial Marshal

Many thanks are due to all those who helped me at June Faire.

First, as previously posted, Andromacha Tou Lésvos did everything the Heavy MIC would have except set up the list fields and do the paperwork. My gratitude to her is immense. She really took a huge load upon herself and made it shine.

Speaking of setting up list fields, I was advised and assisted by Sir Cedric (Bryan Schnetter) as well as THL Jess and Eric of the Roving Irishmen.

But that was just hammering the stakes in. Lady Amber (Amber Posten) of House Awry (assisted by other members of her house) not only made some wonderful new dags for the new ropes, she also figured out how best to arrange them and took over the stringing of them after I got them all screwed up.

Tournaments don't happen without marshals and list workers. THL Stuart (Stuart Mangold) of House Awry, THL Richard Dragun, Baron Stephen d' Jardin, Maestra Althaia Filia Lazari, and Sir Roderick (I know I've spelled that wrong. I'm missing an r some where.) all took the heavy field for a time. Maestra Althaia was also the Rapier MIC of record for the event and she worked with Lord Ambrose to see that the rapier community was well presented to our modern guests. Our Mistress of the Lists, THL Amber (Yes, again. What would I have done if she called in sick?) was assisted by Lady Isabell (Dammit), and they both were tremendous, keeping up with the changes and getting things sorted. Awesome work everyone!

If you've never had a chance to just join the crowd and be entertained by His Excellency Baron Conchobar Mac Eoin and THL Morgan you have truly missed out. Both were stellar in explaining and entertaining our modern guests.

I must also give massive thanks to THL Kloe Thira for running the archery side of things. She's so good at what she does, all I had to do was sit back and appreciate her and stay out of her way. Same also is true of THL Stephen (Stephen Tabor) of House Awry for running the thrown weapons range and tournaments. Again, it was all him. Just make sure he had space, and let him run with it.

And the place of honor of being last on my list goes to House Awry in general for all the help. Siege being so close to my heart, it was wonderful for them to step up and present a very exciting and successful siege demo for our modern friends. I only regret that I couldn't see more of it.

In Service,
THL Arqai Ne'urin
Marshal Co-ordinator, June Faire 2016

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Thanks for Being on Retinue!

I just wanted to thank all those who volunteered for and served on retinue! We had a good crew and I'm very grateful to all of you. You are inspirations in so many ways! Volunteering were Skalla, Kaydee, Crysalis, Isemay, Renart, Melissa, and the incomparable Isabelle (how're the sunburned feet doing?). My humble apologies if I have SCA names missing or misspelled. I am horrible at names.

Thank you so much!
Aelianora de Wyntringham

There were Games!

Had a lot of things for families to do at June Faire. Had quite a few kids coloring personal banners and coloring pages, even had more than a few adults coloring. Bubbles at times were a big hit with the kids. Had some moderns try the Bean Bag Toss and Hunker Hauser ( one on one tug a war ). Some kids really got into the Game Table including one girl whom was into Manacala so much that she borrow it and forgot to return the game.

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List by the Gamesmaster on 06/08/2016.

New Site for June FAIRE!!

We have a NEW SITE for June Faire. June Faire in 2016 will be held at the Norseland site near the Bremerton Airport. We hosted September Crown here a few years back. There are great expanses of flat land for camping and the views of the mountains create an exceptional ambiance.

Map to Site

Date: June 3-5, 2016
Norseland - Bremerton Airport
8707 SW Sentinel Peak Way
Bremerton, WA 98312

June Faire is our demonstration event for the public and it is HUGE! It's our chance to show off everything that makes the SCA worthwhile!

Just Visiting?

If you are a modern Guest (not part of the SCA), please visit our website at www.junefaire.com for more information for Modern Guests. Thank you!

June Faire 2016 Event Team

Board of Directors

General Staff:


Pre-Registration for the event is open! Download the form, read the instructions, fill it out and get it sent in. Due date is May 23rd!

Documents for Running Events

Documents about running events, especially June Faire, can be found on the Baronial Documents and Forms page.

Pictures from June Faire 2015

Once again, one of Dragon's Laires most wonderful photographers, THL Marcus, has sent in a link to his pictures of June Faire. Enjoy them!

Pictures from June Faire 2014

THL Marcus sent this link to his pictures of June Faire.