Candlemas Has Come and Gone!

This was a great event!

Letter from Their Excellencies' about Candlemas

Baron Conchobar Mac Eoin Proconsul Augustine and Baroness Eilidh Keldeleth Proconsula, Baron and Baroness of Dragon's Laire to the wonderful populace of The Barony, the Sable Lions of An Tir and Our noble cousin of Glymm Mere Salutem!

We are afraid our words will fail us, and we cannot match the words of His Excellency Glymm Mere or the eloquence and beauty of our Sovereigns so We will be plain in our speech.

This weekend was quite simply sublime. His Majesty said something to the effect that we are fortunate in the society to be able to choose our family. We fully agree. Thank you for being our family. This was an amazing day and we are proud beyond words to be part of this Barony.

We would like to thank each person who competed to be champion and scholars. The bardic performances by Kristopher, Andromache and Arion were amazing. Kristopher came to compete and despite his illness his story was beautiful and inspiring. We can't wait to sit around the Baronial fires this summer and hear more from him. Andromache's performance was focused, internalized and inspiring. Arion achieved victory and surprised us all. Who knew Arion had such animation, poise and style? His presentation transported us to his time and culture and was so much fun to see.

Madrun presented a brilliant, skilled and beautiful tablet weaving discussion and we were lucky enough to share in her art and skill. Thangbrand presented his magic skill with metal and won the day in a very close competition. It was delightful to share his rediscovery of ancient arts.

Laurellen ran a skin tight competition and inspired all with her insight and beauty. We are so lucky to have her in this Barony.

Jess organized, orchestrated and managed What has become one of Our favorite ever SCA events. Brilliant.

Elizabeth showed why she is a Lion of An Tir by implementing and managing a delicious feast while pushing about a walker because she just had one of the most violent surgeries out there. We stand in awe of her fortitude.

Melissa, Madrun and Aelianora all submitted wonderfully diverse scholars papers and presentations which highlighted their own intimate knowledge of their subjects. It is wonderful to be surrounded by such people.

The music, the food, the skill, the looks on friends faces who received Baronial and Kingdom awards all combined to make this Candlemas one we will always treasure. Thank you to Their Majesties for sharing this with us and thank you to this beautiful inspiring place which has welcomed us and made us a part of its glory.

Dragon's Laire!!!!!

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From the Event Steward

I think I've mostly recovered from Candlemas. I'd like to start off by thanking Thier Excellencies Conchobar Mac Eoin and Eilidh for giving me the opportunity to serve as event steward. This was the perfect event to get my feet wet as an event steward. I'd also like to thank Renart for helping me with the intial paperwork.

I couldn't have done the event without my awesome team. Thank you to Pernell for taking care of feast pre-registration. Having done the job several times I know the frustration and challenge it can be to get everyone pre-reg'ed and paid on time. To Xian for her friendly face and willingness to sit gate all day. You rock! Redbow , thank you so much for organizing and arranging the musicians who added so much ambience. Thank you to the Camp Formage Party Band for making the trip across the water to entertain us with their musical talents.

Wasn't that an amazing feast!? A huge thank you to Countess Elizabeth (Lisa Mohr) for agreeing to be my feastocrat even though she had just undergone hip surgery. I couldn't have asked for a better menu and kitchen staff. Arion Wanderer, thank you for your efficent and seamless serving team. You always make feast service look so effortless. I'd also like to offer my personal thanks to everyone who had an hand in preparing, serving and cleaning up the feast. I don't have all your names but you have my thanks and gratitude. I must also offer a quick thank you to Cedric (Bryan Schnetter) for taking on the task of organizing the toasts.

Laurellen (Tammie Dupuis), thank you for organizing and running the Arts and Sciences and Bardic compeititon. The presentations looked well attended and very informative. A special thank you to our competitors Melissa , Madrun , Aelianora, Thangbrand, Andromacha Tou Lésvos, Arion Wanderer, and the other lord whose name escapes me. Without you we wouldn't have had an event.

Thank you to Gwen the Potter for overseeing the Largess Display. It's alwasy inspiring to see the talents of our populace and the creative things they make to donate for largess. I'd also like to thank Aelianora and Madrun for overseeing the Kingdom Embellisher's Guild challenges.

And of course I must thank those who came out to help decorate on Friday evening-Theodoric, Lucy, Kloe, Chris, Rhiannon, Ela, Xian and Arion. Thank you for taking Cair's vision and turning an ugly Bingo hall into the lovely space that we all enjoyed. Ela, thank you for the use of your personal fabric and candles for the head table.

And last, but definitely not least, a huge thank you to Cair. Not only was she in charge of decorations and made lunch on Saturday, she was also my deputy who kept me sane during the planning and through out the event. I couldn't have done this without you! Thank you so much.

And if you helped in anyway, please know that you have my thanks and gratitiude even if I have forgotten to mention you by name. It takes many hands to make an event run smoothly and I appreciate you all. Thank you for making my first time running an event an awesome one.


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From the Head Cook

Candlemas kitchen crew, you were everything a gimped-up head cook could ask for. As the day went on I was amazed over and over again at your cheerful willingness to take on whatever needed doing, the way you saw what was needed and just did it, and how you adapted to scheduling shifts and annoying ovens. It made my heart happy.

Teleman, Amber Boutet, Dylan Leet, Marcel, Lady Kathryn and Hlaefdige Aelfthryth from Glymm Mere, Alex, Stephen of House Awry, Arion Wanderer, Brandy Stier, all the servers and others to be named as my brain recovers--your barony owes you great thanks for your wonderful service. You already know you have mine.

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From the Decorations Mistress and Luncheon Cook

I know HL Jessica will have the full list of thank yous but I wanted to acknowledge the crew who helped me out! First to Jess, for asking me to step up and help out, it was a great experience!

To HL Ela for starting off our decorating weeks ago by helping with layout, discussing item use, and gather ivy. Then for coming out to setup and breakdown while feeling miserable, donating for use many of the wall panels, banners, pins and hooks, and table decorations for the head table as well as her time and energy in helping with the design discussion. Thank you!

To HL Kosem for use of her banners, thank you!

HUGE thank yous to m'lady Lucy of Smithshall for her step ladders and tackling the wall of white. To HL Xian for labeling all the tea lights so we could get them back to the right boxes as well as setup. To Master Arion Wanderer and HL Chloe Amanda for their amazing work with our Baronial colors around the main stage and bingo boards. To HL Theodoric Derek and Chris for teetering around on step ladders to cover cover bingo boards.

To HL Jessica and HL Rhiannon Sonya for helping to hang banners, direct flow, and bounce ideas off of.

The hall would not have been near as amazing without their assistance with setup and then these same people helped with breakdown and cleanup! THANK YOU!

Thank you to HL Kassandra for use of her roaster at lunch!

A huge thank you to Lady Isemay for tackling the head table decorations, they were lovely!

Many thank yous to Master Renart for being sounding board over the past several weeks, for this event and others!

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