November 5th, 2016 was Arts and Sciences DayCamp!

We LOVE our Arts and Sciences Day Camps here in Dragon's Laire. We have one every 6 months or so in both Autumn and Spring, so they nicely bracket the fighting and camping season.

There are usually many types of activities at the Arts and Sciences Day Camp, ranging from classes to hands on teaching to illumination and calligraphy to cooking to weaving and spinning to sewing to... whatever you want. Let our A&S Minister know and she will do her best to make it happen!

Activities at the Fall DayCamp:

As always, people are invited to bring their projects, get advice, give advice, see what others are doing, etc.

SCA Items Swap Meet: do you have SCA and SCA-ish items which you no longer have a use for or no longer need? Bring them to Day Camp and take part in the SCA Items Swap Meet! If you are selling items, please attach a tag with your name and the item price. If you are happy to swap with other people for their items, please mark your items with your name so that people know what belongs to whom. If you have items that you simply want to give away, there will be a specific "Free" table set aside.

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Also look forward to the schedule of classes which will be held at the event. That will be published soon!