April 22, 2017 is Arts and Sciences DayCamp!

Tired of watching it rain? Have fabric that needs to be cut out but you don't have a large enough space? Feel like learning something new and interesting? Do you just want some time hanging out with interesting people, working on your projects or just chatting, without having to clean house first?

It's time again for Dragon's Laire Arts and Sciences Day Camp!

New Site--We will be meeting on Saturday, April 22, 2017 from 9 to 5 at the West Side Improvement Club, 4109 W E St, Bremerton, WA 98312. This is just east of Highway 3 in Bremerton and has lots of space, tables, and outlets.

We will be having two structured classes this year--Marquesa Laurellen will do a lecture and fitting class on the Lengenberg Bra, and the Hon. Lady Angharat verch Reynulf will teach the beautiful fabric intarsia technique she entered at Kingdom A&S. Both classes will be first come, first served for hands-on participation, but people are welcome to sit in and learn if they wish. There will be plenty of other, informal learning opportunities as well.

Lunch will be potluck, so please bring something tasty to contribute. There is a kitchen so things can be warmed up, but bring your own pots and pans if needed. Disposable eating gear will be provided. There is an inexpensive beverage machine on site and there will be hot water available.

If weather permits, fighters are welcome to come out and practice. There is plenty of paved outdoor space.

Garb is not required. Come and go on your own schedule, bring a friend if you like. There is no site fee, but Donations Will Be Very Welcome.

Come learn something new, share your interests with others, have fun!

Questions? Contact the DL Arts and Sciences Minister, Countess Elisabeth de Rossignol

Update! More Classes to Take and Enjoy!

Intarsia Class with Lady Angharat-- Learn the basics of intarsia, or inlaid wool applique, used in the Scandinavian countries in the 13-16th centuries to make cushions, hangings, coverlets and other soft furnishings. Bring a sharp pair of snips or scissors and needles, as there will be wool, thread and gilt cord or leather provided, as well as a selection of design options. Donation for materials gladly accepted.

Kitchen Time with Lady Rycheza-- Join us in the Kitchen for a morning of hands-on exploration of working with period recipes. Discussion will range over finding recipes, interpretation, ingredients familiar and strange, recording your progress, and other topics as interest dictates. Participants may find an apron and a knife useful. A five dollar donation towards ingredients and handouts greatly appreciated.

Easing Into Research with Magistra Aelianora-- Believe it or not, just about everything we do in the SCA is based on research. Someone, somewhere, sometime had to discover what we 'know' about the past. Research comes in many forms and flavors, from simply looking at pictures online, to reading a website, exploring books, looking at journals, talking to friends... So, are you interested in research? Interested in talking about your research and telling others what you've discovered? Just starting with exploring a subject and need some hints? Thinking about entering what you've done in a competition, or just writing it up for 'fun'? Can't remember how to do any of that because high school and college were a long time ago? Magistra Aelianora will be very happy to spend the afternoon of A&S daycamp listening, helping, mentoring, and going 'ohh wow, that is so cool!' when you tell her what you are doing or thinking about doing. She'll have some handouts with tips and tricks too, some pithy words (she hopes) and lots of encouragement.