Artisan Hands, A Series by one of ours, THL Theordoric. This picture features the marvelous work of Marquessa Laurellen (© 2012 Derek Lyons)

Arts and Sciences

Although Martial activities are perhaps the most visible aspect of SCA life, study of the Arts and Sciences supports every facet of life in the Current Middle Ages. Without them life would be both less colorful and less comfortable. What would happen to the pageantry of court and tournament with out the skills of costumers, musicians, and craftsmen in disciplines like banner making, metalwork, woodwork, calligraphy and illumination? What would the feast be without the culinary arts, dancing or the bardic arts?

Many arts and science activities are scheduled each month in the Barony. We have arts and sciences activities at nearly every social and get-together, and there are Guild meetings and workshops held each month. See the Baronial calendar for more information.


Classes are held almost weekly at every Baronial Social/Fighter Practice at the VFW Hall (Sometimes we miss a week!). Want to take part? Try out an upcoming presentation? Convene a round table discussion on a topic of interest? Bring some books to show? Have an idea or wish for a class? Contact the arts and sciences/bardic minister, Murakami Tsuruko Sensei.

Upcoming Classes

Date Topic Instructor(s)
Jan 9 Linen Applique Dame Gwen the Potter
Learn an easy method to embellish with linen applique. Mostly a demo class, some kits will be distributed for practice.
Jan 16 Beginning Dance Master Arontius
Master Arontius will share common medieval dances that are popular at SCA events.
Jan 23 Hair and Headdresses Dame Ellen
Learn a variety of SCA appropriate ways to properly cover your head, and complete your outfit.
Jan 30 Intro to Hat Making Dame Eleanor
Would you like to learn to make actual hats? This beginning course will introduce you to the basics of hat making.
Feb 6 Post Baronial A&S Roundtable
With Candlemas and the A&S and Bardic Champions chosen, here is an opportunity to ask questions about the event and procedures.
Feb 13 Autocratting 102 Master Arontius
Learn about stewarding Kingdom Level events from Master Arontius.
Feb 20 Practium day
Bring you projects and get help from experienced artisans.
Feb 27 Kingdom A&S Roundtable
Here is an opportunity to learn what to expect, what to do, and what you will see at a Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competition