Artisan Hands, A Series by one of ours, THL Theordoric. This picture features the marvelous work of Marquessa Laurellen (© 2012 Derek Lyons)

Arts and Sciences

Although Martial activities are perhaps the most visible aspect of SCA life, study of the Arts and Sciences supports every facet of life in the Current Middle Ages. Without them life would be both less colorful and less comfortable. What would happen to the pageantry of court and tournament with out the skills of costumers, musicians, and craftsmen in disciplines like banner making, metalwork, woodwork, calligraphy and illumination? What would the feast be without the culinary arts, dancing or the bardic arts?

Many arts and science activities are scheduled each month in the Barony. We have arts and sciences activities at nearly every social and get-together, and there are Guild meetings and workshops held each month. See the Baronial calendar for more information.

Latest Report

This month saw the beginning of a series of informal classes/discussion sessions held at Tuesday night fight practice. Lord Thangbrandr spoke about sundials, I gave a brief presentation on heraldic display, Marquesa Laurellen taught an embroidery class, and Lady Jess started a 3-part series on rectangular construction.

Plans continue for A&S Day Camp, to be held in April, which will include some structured classes as well as the free-form artsy good times which have made this small day event popular for a very long time. I hope to have the A&S activities for June Faire finalized very soon, I am still waiting to hear back from a number of potential participants. So far we have commitments for dance, fiber arts, weaving, pottery, moneying, and games. There will be quite a lot more to come.

I would ask the populace of Dragon's Laire to let me know when they participate in A&S activities elsewhere--teaching, attending classes, or entering competitions in other baronies counts!

In service,
Countess Elisabeth
A&S Minister

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 04/06/2017


Classes at the DL Socials are back up and running!

Throughout the next three weeks, starting April 4th, THL Jess will be teaching classes on rectangular Construction. Rectangular Construction is a method of making clothes widely used during the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and beyond. This is a good opportunity for anybody, sewing experienced or not, to learn a useful skill. Everybody needs clothes!

Pictures of a Few Items/Activities

Aelianora's coif from Kingdom A&S 2006
Aelianora's coif from Kingdom Arts and Sciences (photo © 2006 Mark Virtue)
Weaving at June Faire, 2011 (© 2011 Wendy McComb)