Officers! Event Stewards! Guild Ministers!

Submit your reports to the Barony via the report submissions page on this website. Your report will then be emailed to the Seneschal and the Webminister and Chronicler automatically. Thank you!

Help Wanted

There are Opportunities for Volunteers at All of our Events!

If you are interested in volunteering please contact the event steward or the Baronial Seneschal (email to the right or below). In most cases, any other officer of the Barony should also be able to direct you to whomever is organizing volunteers for a particular event. Please do step and support the Barony!

Baronial Officers Needed!

We currently have several Baronial positions which are open or about to open.

  • Baronial Chronicler
  • Baronial Webminister

Please contact the Seneschal,THL Ciar ingen Fiachnae, or current office holder if you are interested in one of these positions.

The Costumers' Guild Needs a New Minister!

If you are interested in administering the Costumers' Guild, please contact the Guild Mistress, THL Jess.

Business Meeting Report!

The Business Meeting Report available as a pdf. When the Baronial Chronicler position is filled, the report will be available in the Flames, which will be online on this website.

About this Website

Contact the Baronial Webminister

Magistra Aelianora de Wyntringham

Note from the Webmistress

This website is built on the shoulders of giants. THL Rycheza was webmistress for a long time, and provided much of the content for many of the webpages. THL Yvon followed her as webminister and also added much content. THL Rebecca germinated style changes which started the website that you see on its way to being developed. Although many things have changed drastically with the website redesign, the basics remain. Without these three individuals' contributions the Barony of Dragon's Laire would not have had a website.

Technical Stuff

This website is written entirely 'by hand', without the assistance of software driven page designers and such. Hopefully that'll make the site lean and mean.

The basic editor used is Bluefish, an open source software editor. The Webmistress can't recommend it highly enough. You can obtain it for free, here. Bluefish works on all platforms: Linux, Mac and Windows.

The website uses php and css (cascading style sheets). You can learn about both at various sites on the web, including and It should render well in all modern browsers and should render fairly well on all devices.