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Unto Their Excellencies Conchobar and Eilidh, dread Baroness and war maker Baron and unto the populace of the Barony, greetings!

I would like to take a moment to thank HL Jess and her fine event staff for pulling off a most wonderful Candlemas, it was epic. Thank you to all involved, no event is ever easy, and the event team made it wonderful for all. Congratulations to our newly minted Baronial Arts and Sciences Champion HL Thangbrand and our Baronial Bardic Champion Master Arion the Wanderer. Huzzah!

Marquessa Laurellen, thank you for your tenure as our Baronial Arts and Sciences Minister, such a job well done, you and your most able deputy HL Theodoric the Scholar, kept classes and demonstrations going all the time, keeping the Barony a thriving place for some of the Kingdoms most fabulous artisans. Countess Elizabeth will surely continue with all the things and keep us all in awe. Huzzah!

It has been long overdue, the process has begun in opening for review the Baronial Customary. I am looking for 5 people that would like to help with the review. Those wanting to be a part of this committee will need to have a current paid membership, be a member of the Barony of Dragon’s Laire and be able to meet on selected Tuesday’s at fighter practice and only one member of a “couple” will be appointed to the committee. There will be ( 2) meetings in March, and 2 in April and we hope to close the review of the Customary with populace approval, in early May. If you are interested in being on the committee you will need to send an email to no later than 11 March 2017.

Thank you! Being the seneschal of the BEST BARONY in the known world is a wonderful thing indeed.

In service to Crown and Coronet,

Maitre Renart le fox de berwyk, OP
Barony of Dragon’s Laire

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Webmistress on 03/02/2017

Help Wanted

There are Opportunities for Volunteers at All of our Events!

If you are interested in volunteering please contact the event steward or the Baronial Seneschal (email to the right or below). In most cases, any other officer of the Barony should also be able to direct you to whomever is organizing volunteers for a particular event. Please do step and support the Barony!

Baronial Officers Needed!

We currently have several Baronial positions which are open or about to open.

  • Baronial Marshal
  • Baronial Chronicler

Please contact the Seneschal,Maistre Renart le Fox de Berwyk, or current office holder if you are interested in one of these positions.

The Costumers' Guild Needs a New Minister!

If you are interested in administering the Costumers' Guild, please contact the Guild Mistress, THL Jess.

Baronial Herald

Contact the Baronial Herald (the Golden Dragon Pursuivant)

Murakami Tsuruko Sensei

Latest Report


At Candlemas Their Majesties announced the following new non-armigerous awards:

  • The Order of Terpsichore’s Fox is given by the Crown to individuals excelling in the performance, teaching, and/or promotion of period dance in the Kingdom.
  • The Scholar of An Tir is given by the Crown to all individuals who score an 80% or higher on any entry in the Kingdom Arts & Sciences and Bardic competition.
  • The Sable Bonnet is given by the Crown to the individual with the single highest score on an entry in the Kingdom Arts & Sciences and Bardic competition.
  • The Order of the Lion’s Mane is given by the Crown to individuals excelling in the display, wearing and/or creation of exceptional period costume.

Additionally there are requirements for combatants at May Crown this year that pertain to heraldry.Countess Elisabeth is available for name and device consulting at most fight practices and any of the Barony’s heralds are also available to help.

1. ALL combatants and ALL consorts in the May Crown Tourney must have a name AND device either registered or “in submission” through the College of Heralds. We will accept as proof a copy of your name and device from the An Tir Roll of Arms, a copy of the receipt letter/email from the College of Heralds, or a signed letter from the submitting Herald.

Any combatant or consort for whom this is their FIRST time competing in a Crown Tournament is excepted from this requirement PROVIDED that should they win, they will have met this requirement prior to their coronation.

In order to encourage compliance with this requirement, any combatant or consort who declares a financial hardship with the fees associated with the heraldic submission, will have their submission fees paid from the personal account of the King and Queen. This is our gift to our subjects to encourage persona development and the use of personal heraldry to the betterment of Our Kingdom. To declare a financial hardship you must merely tell the consulting Herald at the time of submission. No questions asked.

The College of Heralds has been made aware of this Royal Proclamation and is ready to receive the surge of submissions. Combatants and Consorts are strongly advised to seek early consultation with their local submission Herald first, then their regional or Principality Herald, then the Kingdom Herald if needed. This is not an overnight process. Heralds will be available for consultation at most local and all Kingdom events preceding May Crown. Heralds will be available for last-minute submissions Friday night at May Crown (that is too late for consultation).

2. All combatants in May Crown Tournament shall have a painted shield board bearing their registered (or in-submission) device on the front and the name of the combatant on the back. No temporary or other shield boards will be accepted.

Viscount Sir Matheus Bane is selling blank oak wood list shield boards made from the former THRONES of An Tir. Each will be $10 and comes with a mark attesting to the royal origin of the wood. All proceeds go to the An Tir general fund. Contact Sir Bane at to purchase your shield board. (They make great gifts!)

Combatants do not need to use a fundraiser shield board. Any appropriate shield board is acceptable. Shield boards for the Lists in An Tir are expected to be of the following dimensions 4” x 3.75”, should have holes drilled in the center top and center bottom no less than ¼” in diameter and no more than 7/16” from the top edge and no more than ½” from the bottom edge. Further the board should be thin enough to be hung by the hooks (about 1/8”).

Murakami Tsuruko
Golden Dragon Pursuivant

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 03/02/2017.

Family Activities

Contact the Baronial Family Activities Coordinator

Lord Emil of Dragon's Laire

Latest Report

Anyone whom had troubles signing there kids up for YAFA, the Society has corrected the problems to make it easier for parents.

Had one child at Candlemas go for there Jewelry Making badge. Am planning on running kids through Family Life and Heraldry at Kingdom A&S, being that pages and helpers to the Harolds might be needed at the event.

Emil Paulus
Family Activities Coordinator

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 02/28/2017.

Baronial Gamesmaster

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Lord Emil of Dragon's Laire

Latest Report

Nothing new to report. I am getting things ready for Junefaire.

Emil Paulus
Game Master

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 02/28/2017.

Baronial Scribe

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THL Rhiannon of Eagle's Flight

Lastest Report

Not really much to report. Due to the diligent efforts of Ciar and Ela, we provided the charters requested for Candlemas. Laurin of Rosewood painted some awesome charters for us. The next push for painted charters will be for June Faire.

Anyone interested in painting charters can contact me on this list or via FB, and I try to be at the weekly social.

Rhiannon of EaglesFlight
Baronial Scribe

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 03/02/2017.

Baronial Steward

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Master Arontius of Bygelswade

Latest Report

1. Usual Note - If you need items out of the Storage Unit, please give me as much notice as possible so I can make the time to pull things out of the way as necessary to get to the items you need. With all Baronial owned assets in one storage space, there is limited room for movement and it takes a while sometimes to move everything to accommodate. Contact me at if you need access or if you have any questions. Either myself or the Steward Deputy (Dame Madrun) can meet with you at the Storage Unit depending on schedule.

2. Most of the items pulled in support of Candlemas have been returned. If you have anything in your possession that needs to go back into Storage from Candlemas, please let me know.

3. The Kingdom Arts & Sciences and Bardic Competitions are being held over the weekend of March 10th-12th. If you are, again, in charge of some activity at KAS / KBC, please contact Arontius as soon as possible so we can make arrangement to have the 'stuff' you need pulled and made available to you on site. At this point my plan is to pull out the few items I need from Storage in support of this event sometime over the weekend of March 4th/5th. Let me know if you need anything.

4. It is not too early to start thinking about June Faire. The usual U-Haul Truck has been reserved. We'll need help on the Wednesday evening before June Faire to load the Storage Unit into it, and then on Sunday to load the materials used at June Faire back into Storage. The more hands I have available, especially on Sunday, the faster and easier this whole process rolls.

5. As always, before adding 'stuff' to the Baronial Inventory, please speak to the Steward so we can judge how much room new material will take up and how much room is actually available to hold it in the Unit.

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 03/02/2017.

About this Website

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Magistra Aelianora de Wyntringham

Latest Report

Nothing much to report as the end of the month has been quiet.

Website has been updated with reports from Candlemas and so on. I will update again early next week, and hopefully get the recommendations form finished!

Magistra Aelianora de Wyntringham, web lady

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 03/02/2017.

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